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Hey Friends!

I’m Kass – Interior Designer x Master Material Picker-outter. I’ve been working within the design
& construction industry for almost 9 years and I’ve learned so much along the way that I’m going
to share it AALLLL with you!

Today we’re going to chat about picking out flooring for your entire home. How to go about it
from an aesthetic perspective and how to evaluate what’s best for you & your family…
starting with the not-so-fun part: homework & logistics. Which really is just a bunch of questions.
Once we have the answers to these questions, it makes the process of selecting much easier.

Your WHY!

Why are you replacing the flooring? This will give you some direction on which options will be
suitable for your lifestyle. Is the current flooring dated? Has it been beat-up from wear & tear
over the years? Are you planning on a kitchen renovation & this is part of it? Are you selling and
need some simple updates?

The next step is to evaluate your current flooring situation. Walk through your home starting at
the entry point and make notes of everything you see: Is it tile that leads to hardwood? What
does the transition look like? Is it a bulky reducer or seamless metal piece? What do you think
about the baseboards? Are they short & detailed or tall and simple? What you do like and dislike
about the flooring?

Be sure to ask yourself the questions of HOW you use each space. Is it high-traffic/low-traffic?
Repeat this process as you walk through the entire home. Are the bedrooms carpeted? What
type of flooring is in the hallway? Are you replacing the bathroom tile or leaving it for now?
When you’re reviewing the main spaces, be mindful of any current transitions Ie: Tile to
hardwood. Is this a clean line or does it break up the space a little?

Now to the FUN part: shopping, materials & trends

In order to create harmony within your home, we need a foundational point. Generally this starts
with the main spaces: Kitchen/Living/Dining. The go-to for an inviting space is hardwood or a
hardwood alternative such as Laminate or Vinyl.

It’s a given that we put tile in bathrooms and I generally like to keep tile in the kitchen also, as it
is the most functional for busy families with kids & pets. However, with the sought-after
open-concepts, it makes the space feel bigger when it is the same flooring throughout.

LVP = Luxury Vinyl Plank:

  • Easy to Install on your own
  • Used a functional alternative to hardwood flooring
  • Cost-Effective Between $4-$6/sf
  • Waterproof & Scratch Proof
  • I always suggest that you go with a brand that has a “Micro-Bevel”. This creates the
    illusion of separation between each plank and mimics the look of hardwood better than if
    it was flat. When there is not a micro-bevel the finished space may end up looking like
    one big sheet and that’s not my favourite look.
  • Similar to LVP, however this is still considered a wood product and isn’t great for spaces
    where it can get wet. If this gets wet, it will swell & expand.
  • Welcoming alternative to hardwood
  • Cost-Effective also between $4-$6/sf
  • Easy to install if you have access to a saw
  • Don’t forget the padding!

Hardwood = Solid or Engineered

  • I suggest hiring someone to install
  • Wide-plank is my go-to ~”6-7″ anything wider will have a significant price increase
  • Hardwood is hands-down the most sought after flooring type for a main space
  • I suggest saving up for this feature as the costs these days can run you $8-$12/sf. As far
    as resale value goes, it’s well-worth the investment,


  • The colour trends I’m seeing are a light wood/mid-tone. With slight variation in the colour
  • between a warm-grey and natural wood.
  • Tiles, we’re seeing a lot of texture or matte finishes. Glossy is out!
  • Visit a floor store, grab samples, use the process of elimination and consider all of you answers to the questions above.
  • Once you have the foundation, use that sample to coordinate your bedroom carpet (for cozy & cost-effective option) and your bathroom tile (where to get to have a little more fun)!

Easy-peasy Lemon-Squeezy 🍋
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