Preferred Partners

People I Know and Trust

The businesses and people listed below are experts in their field.  They are professionals I have worked with personally, and recommend to all my clients.  Feel free to click on the “Read More” icons to find contact details and further notes.

Kass Design Studio - Preferred Partner

Interior Design

Kass Design Studio

Rasha Ingratta - Shop Mortgages

Mortgage Broker

Rasha Ingratta – Shop Mortgages

Team Kyle Lucier - RBC - Preferred Partner

Mortgage Specialist

Team Kyle Lucier – RBC

McGuire Tree Services - Preferred Partner


McGuire Tree Service

Preferred Partner - Lawyer Ryan MacKenzie Farhat And Associates

Lawyer - Real Estate

Ryan MacKenzie – Farhat & Asso.

Preferred Parter - Martin Gecelovsky of First Class Home Inspection

Home Inspection

First Class Home Inspection

Colautti - Preferred Partners

Flooring and Countertops