You're Looking to Sell Your Home

But where do you begin?
  • Lets Start With The Basics

    At this point, you’ve made the decision to sell your property – but have yet to select a Realtor to help you.  You’ve likely, but may have not yet, started doing the basics – decluttering, tidying, path and paint etc.  It’s at this stage, or even before this that you contact a Realtor to meet in person, to show you a more in depth process and what is valuable to do, and what isn’t.

  • Contact A Professional

    And that first one should be a Realtor.  An in depth analysis will be completed to showcase what should be done to maximize the value of your home, and protect your investment and future.  Rigorous examination of your needs and wants are completed.  Your home is fully assessed top to bottom.  A list of many types of professionals is deployed for any need, and any potential issues of concern addressed.

    It’s at this point you will begin to feel more confident.  This transaction is important, and you need someone with you who truly understands that.

  • The Home is Prepared, Now What?

    There is much more to an effective sale than simply – “let’s just put it on the market, someone will buy it.”

    Markets change, and this market we are in is unique to say the least.  But you don’t just want to sell your home, you want to make the most of selling your home.  This is where strategy and communication come in to play.

    Listing your home correctly for the right price and in the right places with the best potential clients seeing the home, in it’s best form, is the goal.  There are also many, many, external factors at play such as timing, possession needs, your next home, safety, security, and finances to name a few.  Strategy is key.

  • Showcasing At It's Best

    What do you get when listing with me (besides a good hand shake):

    • Professional photography and video services
    • licensed pre-inspection
    • home staging consult
    • full array of marketing including social media budget necessary for your home.


    The market is always changing, and including these things will only heighten the attractiveness of the property.

  • Home Sold!

    Time to celebrate?  Not quite yet.  The dotted line is signed, but nothing is done until closing date, and then some.

    I’ll be here to make sure this transaction is completed properly, every step of the way.  You need someone who is always looking for those to protect from unforeseen situations.

    There is also that situation of finding a new home as well…

  • Following Through

    Check that off the list!  Your home sold, you’re happy with the result, and were packing your bags for the new home as well.

    You have a lot on your plate at the moment, but you’re not alone.  I’m here to help you through it and make this transition in life as smooth as possible.